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My teeth hurt, my gums bleed, just looking at you with a sweet body that I know is not good for me! You are my Suga, my candy rain that eases all the pain.

Hair smells like Birthday cake,

Eyes brown and round like heresy kisses, you got me so Wired and Awake!

Sipping on a glass of Brandy,

Looking at your lips, full and soft like cotton candy.

Sweet Suga kisses taste like warm apple pie.

I just want to indulge and have you as my forever Suga supply.

So, overwhelmed your sweetness has me tongue tied.

As we lay I caress your smooth chocolate mousse skin,

Having a body so sweet must be a sin.

I want to be your Siamese twin forever, intertwined like Red vines.

Your overflowing vanilla sweetness makes every night valentine's.

Curves, hips and legs, firm and tasty like dipped fruit in a chocolate fondue of love

You are my candy store Suga, I've always Dreamed of.

I know I will slip into a diabetic coma because of you,

But hell, your Suga is worth it, I will pull through.

To have another kiss, another lick, another bite, another Suga rush is my mission,

Suga you are my lifeline and my nutrition!

Suga my love, my weakness, my everlasting seduction.

I will forever be engulfed in your Suga Candy Production.


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