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A bright face

A bright face in a crowded room

Why do you dim your light? Why are you scared to shine?

The glimmer in your brown eyes, the distinction in your dimples.

The imperfection of your gap teeth when you smile, that makes you

Stand Out.

Don’t hide it, don’t be afraid to show it.

Head up, chest out, and let your beauty marks and freckles dazzle.

Coco butter, Rose water and Daily Vitamin D helps enhance your bright face.

The natural light does no justice for your captivating bright face, that radiates.

Some go out in the world and never shine,

but you illuminate like a new cut diamond from Botswana, Australia or Russia.

Always up for discussion!

You can pave the way for others, who’s light stays dim,

A Sirius Star shining bright, giving off the warmest delight,

a bright face glowing in a crowded room.

When You Shine, we all Shine, Bright Faces all in line.

~Nichole Nichole

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You always seem to leave me uplifted, Nichole! I think it is a gift of yours.

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