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A Different Generation

A Different Generation

A child with no direction

But they came from a two-parent home

So entitled they make their own decisions

No one helped them

Only told to do better

Nothing to smile about

Depression is the norm

No one cared until the pill was popped, the blunt was rolled, and the trigger was pulled

Now the two-parent home has a rift

Daddy - "You should have not babied him!"

Mommy - "You should have not been so hard on him!"

Daddy - "I wasn't hard enough."

Death of another teen lost to the streets

A gun.... a means to an end, protection or glorified perception of the alter ego

Lost souls under 21

Sane adults talking and talking; a problem no resolution

Parents who think they know but have no clue

"Not my Kid", "Not my Kid," repeated verbiage on many social platforms

But everybody wants to empower and uplift

A privileged generation filled with marijuana, lean, Xanax, and pistols

On edge, agitated, quickly annoyed

YouTube videos of guns and clicks, thick in the dark with ski masks

Where to start... where to go…Does it start at home, but home is where the gun came from or close to it...

One wrong move sends that child hurling down a path of destruction so who is to blame, the parents, the kid, or the peers he rolled with?

Each child on earth is a special gift even when they get to the teenage years

Some are lost in translation

How does one empower and uplift

When the different generation's eyes are shut and ears are unconcerned

You have to show them what you learned and pray they pay attention

otherwise, they are unmoved, perturbed and undisturbed

Youth 2020

~Nichole Nichole

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Nichole Nichole
Nichole Nichole
Feb 10, 2021



but home is where the gun came from or close to it. Those are painstakingly chosen words. The mind is the gun and unfortunately in too many homes children are not taught to aim it correctly. A child is not owed by the world, the world is owed by a child while it remains the parent's responsibility to ensure the child is shooting for the stars and not another child.

We must all be parents to children we've never known.

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