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A full table

A full table

The table is usually overcrowded, breaking bread with many.

Breaking bread is a term of endearment

Comfort and Trust

It’s like an agreement .

Breaking bread, toasting wine, and talking life with many.

Only later in life to eat and drink alone

Why is that?

Were the ones you broke bread with, true to you or not?

Or was it you that had people leaving the table and breaking bread elsewhere.

Sitting at a table inundated with fake love and plenty of bread or

sitting at a table with few to none

consumed with an abundance of bread for feasting.

Choose wisely.

At some point in our lives a full table of love, feast and sprits is a captured moment

we want to last forever.

As we band together!

Some at the table breed jealousy and envy

and would turn their back on you in a time of need.

They play it safe,

keeping their place,

at the table warm and stable.

Dare not leave the table where breaking bread fueled your soul!

We love each other, we fight for each other, and we break bread together at a full table.

I chose to sit at a table with people who soon became the people I will no longer eat with.

When the table gets smaller,

the chairs become less,

and the food prepared isn’t for a full table,

but is for few and sometimes

just one.

~ Nichole Nichole

When eating becomes a matter of life or death, and each new bite is a celebration, you may discover that none of the other stuff was quite as important as sitting and breaking bread together. - Author: Bee Wilson

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1 Comment

A deeply profound melancholy found itself seated at the end of the poem I feel yet it is an insightful melancholy as we all break bread with ourselves at the end looking back on the years, all we've known, all which moved on and all that's left.

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