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A Love so Pure

A Love so Pure

A Love so Pure

My body is anointed with innocent kisses and sweet wishes.

The sheer delight of glistening body fluid dripping from head to toe.

Reminiscing over the day you swept me away.

My thoughts of your love consume me but embrace me,

Where I’m protected and respected.

A Love so Pure

No extra drugs to fill this high, because this is pure and raw.

It cannot be tainted with outside influences.

It can only be enhanced with delicate nuances.

A Love so Pure

Angels from above sing as we lay.

Bodies touching innocently,

Caressing intimately,

When no one is around.

But the love is so pure,

An audience would only applaud two humans forming a pure love for each other.

That goes beyond the superficial ground cover.

A Love so Pure

It’s intertangled with kosher daydreams,

Pleasurable screams,

And a ray of moonbeams.

Or so it seems…

© Nichole Nichole

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1 Comment

(((((WOW))))) This inspired awe from the beginning and then resounded with a solid Thwap right in the brain cells at the end. You are appreciated!

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