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Acrostic Poems

I have written three acrostic poems with three words surrounding the world's current status dealing with the virus COVID-19. Living. Isolated. Lockdown. My deep thoughts expressed through a different form of poetry.

An acrostic is a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word or message. The word comes from the French acrostiche from post-classical Latin acrostichis, from Koine Greek.


L oud heartbeats intubate.

I solated populations populate.

V indictive thrashings stab.

I ndividual incomes return.

N ecessary accommodations low.

G overnmental apparatus grins.


I solated consciousnesses evolve.

S ensitive individuals solo.

O nline discussions abrupt.

L azy nothings obscure.

A wful whipers blow.

T rue variances divide.

E xcited whispers murmur.

D eepest solitudes rise.


L ong rest leep.

O ppressive calms shake.

C ontrolled studies discuss.

K een walls discover.

D elightful insides consult.

O ccasional peeks decrypt.

W eekly readings check.

N arrow perimeters patrol.

Happy Reading!

~ Nichole Nichole

"Fear, hatred, and suspicion narrow your mind – compassion opens it." Dalai Lama

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Hey You know that story “you left” sounds so familiar. It’s real life and so relevant. a lot of people I know are going through this same or similar situation. I love the way your mind functions friend. keep up the great work.

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