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After Death

When my body is expunged from this earth and it lays

in the blue skies and white endless clouds of purity

and I watch them cry, then laugh, then dance, then eat, then drink,

and I wonder

will they go on and live the same normal life without me??

The majority of course.

One or two may sulk for days or weeks maybe even years,

before normalcy without me.

It starts

As I lay in this peaceful terrain that radiates my body that lifts my soul and relaxes my mind,

I think back to those I hurt, those I never told I love them

because I knew they would use that to their advantage.

Skepticism runs rampant in human form.

Or the times no one ever asked me if I was ok on earth.

Yes, I was the strong one, but still they could have asked.

What’s done is done.

Before I enter another realm this space wipes away all my impurities that were sins.

I can be at peace with the human body and the life I had on earth,

and it was a good life, from birth!

The say life’s a bitch but

I found my niche,

although I wasn’t rich, I was still that positive Bitch!

I float and feel so alive just not on earth,

I can’t go back,

because it was written. That was my time and now, I float.

My time on earth was borrowed.

I used every minute to the best of my ability.

Where I formed fond memories and an intriguing legacy.

Next step

Where I’m at now feels amazing.

I don’t hurt, I’m not suffering, and I’m at a standstill of Love.

This moment does not last forever just part of the process.

VIP room access.

Almost there

The only two colors I see are crisp and clear they make me feel at home.

The colors trigger an opening into a world I only dreamed of.

Now I’m here embracing every minute as I will be going

Soon to the next realm,

where my soul will glide and elude into a guardian angel for those on earth that need me,

the way as my guardian angel led me.

After Death

© Nichole Nichole

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1 Comment

It is very transcending, even trance like in its dreamy simplicity. I wont say which lines are my favorites but I'm sure you can venture a good guess.

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