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I Cry Blood Tears

I Cry Blood Tears.

When I cry its like BLOOD.

The type of Tears that leave stains.

The type of Tears that smell of defeat,

that roll down my cheek, like heavy marbles and when I try to wipe away the blood tears,

they bust open like cherries and smear on my face

leaving an imprint of Pain, Doubt and Insecurity.

Blood tears are tears that SCREAM,

FEEL my pain, FEEL my torment, FEEL my mistrust,

FEEL the sorrow but know, I'M A WARRIOR!!

The red blood tears, that are hot to the skin, and burns the eyes.

It's an instant reminder of each bruise, each mind game, each bad word,

each insult hurled at one is resurfaced a million times over, by a blood tear.

Blood tears are not shed often. They are tucked inside a very dark corner of the body.

When triggered or released a volcanic eruption occurs.

Not everyone cries blood tears only those that endure hurt, conflict, Injustice, and near death cry blood tears.

Blood tears, are tears of STRENGTH!

I Cry Blood Tears!

©Nichole Nichole

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1 comentario

I truly enjoyed the comparison to both marbles and cherries, a very keen descriptive on your part.

Me gusta
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