Bohemian Vibe

Bohemian Vibe

Conform, Not to this world of straight lace and tight faces.

Explore my words like Jean Baptiste explored Chicago,

Try to vibe with my turbulent flow.

I’m alternative to your normal vibe that loves trends and a proper lifestyle

No baby my art, my words – grabs you!

I make you feel good like ballyhoo!

An eccentric life is not your vibe, right?

Yet you keep it close like a pocket knife

Restrict me? You got to be kidding me.

Everyday for me is a long Jubilee!

I fire up my feel good, drink my wine and get better with time

- My Free Sprint

Off the wall yes, cause holding up the wall is not my thing

I move through the crowd effervescently

- Happy and Light

Come closer I don’t bite; my emotions just ignite.

I am outgoing and FREE with my words, my dress, and my hair,

But I’m reserved in my evening prayer.

Do I amuse you?

I’m a vibe you never saw before,

Well maybe at the love festival, the art store or independent book store.

Bohemian Vibe, so got damn Free and Alive!

~Nichole Nichole

Release your majestic mind, embrace your untamed inner spirit. Break free from captivity, avoid society.. You were born to be free.

Melanie Muller

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