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Change for the Better

A Short Dramatic Narrative in 200 words

Going down a negative spiral with those I call friends.

Never speaking my mind just going with the flow.

If I’m with friends, my life is ok.

Wake up, go to the gig, then party with the friends that

don’t empower, motivate, or know me.

“Is this the life you want for yourself?” The elderly lady at McDonald’s says out loud.

I had an epiphany. I want to get to college.

I would be the first in my family and among friends.

Who will support me? I wonder.

I start to switch lanes and move in a different direction from my friends

I have known my whole young life.

I apply to a few schools.

I engage Randell about college, but all I got was, “They got good parties.”

I’m accepted to a college that’s an hour away my parents are elated.

I feel accomplished that I attained a goal beneficial to me in the long run.

My friends don’t understand or care since they never really knew me,

Instead, I get a beer-drinking going away party not the I’m proud of you, celebration.

At that moment, I know I changed for the better.

©Nichole Nichole

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1 Kommentar

Indeed the "I'm proud of you celebration" would have involved tequila and you might not have gotten to college then. 😜 The question remains do your friends or did your friends ever know you. In most cases its better they don't, friendships of youth last longer that way.

Gefällt mir
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