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Spoken Word

You waited till I was 6 feet deep to bring me flowers

I can’t enjoy them now

Tell me what the point is

Oh, so it looks good for a picture you post on social media

Letting everyone know you came to visit me - Fake

You are wasting money to sit flowers on my cold grave

For the squirrels to run up and nibble on

I mean I get the gesture, but you could just come sit by my grave and read me a poem

That’s a little more sentimental

I’m sure My spirit might enjoy the poem reading,

more than the flowers

Keep that in mind

Although my spirit will probably be sipping wine

with Jesus and missed your visit

I can’t touch, smell, or put the flowers

on my living room table any more

You’re a day late and death short giving me flowers,

better yet giving the cemetery flowers

Thinking you’re doing something

Just stop

Why you wait so long to give me my flowers.

I was in your presence every day

and not one I love you, I’m proud of you.

You make a difference.

It sadness my soul

no one gave Me flowers when I was alive

and direct in physical form but

You Bring them to cold stone and wilted grass.

I wasn’t perfect, but a good job girl, keep doing you, would have been just fine.

James in the grave next to me said,

he has seen so many flowers

under ground than above ground it amazes him.

Oh, it amazes many

People never tried or wanted to give me flowers physically

or verbally while I was living

They waited till I was 6 feet deep

and not amongst the living

Do better for those in your presence now,

For the living can smell the flowers and appreciate them

I understand it’s been tradition that has been set forth

for us humans but change the norm

and give flowers to the living now

Do Better

Words from the underground!

©Nichole Nichole

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2 comentarios

That wasn't me, Nichole. I sent her flowers on her birthday, wine and chocolates. It was a Sunday in June and I sent flowers from halfway across this damned world. It couldn't have been on Saturday as its Sabbath in South Africa and she wouldn't have been home. It had to be on Sunday her birthday, a day when the florist was closed and special arrangements had to be made. I was terrified they wouldn't arrive but they did and it became the most special day of my life. Rest in peace, Hlumela knowing I was not that man.

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Nichole Nichole
Nichole Nichole
06 sept 2022
Contestando a

Awww friend 😔 I'm glad you give flowers to the living❤️❤️❤️

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