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"Four Walls - Exploring the Boundaries: Is it Better to Stay within Four Walls or Live Outside the Box?"

Free Verse Poetry

When you die, you will be confined to four walls.

Why sit in a room all day consisting of four walls

A confined box

No matter how pretty those four walls are, it’s still a constraint.

Live outside that box

Be Free and Active.


Those four walls, yes, may be safe from a cruel world.

But those four walls are hindering you from living.

In those four walls, you feel secure.

In those four walls, your mind starts to wander,

Then you become somber.

In those four walls, yes, you can be you but there is

a whole world outside those four walls

Wanting to see you!


Why be stuck in four walls knowing when you die,

Those Four walls are all you see until Your Spirit is Free.

Four walls - a safe place some days but a woebegone on others.

Like grandma would say, go outside, play, and discover.


Imagine, Explore, and Be!

Those four walls are the control key.

Those four walls are a sad reality.

Try not to stay for long inside those four walls.

Step outside and live and love energetically!

Four walls - are you in or are you out?


©Nichole Nichole


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