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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Happy Ask yourself are you really happy.  Lets do an exercise. Yes I know this is a blog and I'm asking you to do work!! Just listen to me for a moment, write down 5 things that make you happy, that isn't a person or a tangible object. Made you think huh?  Well I hope your list at least has YOU on it!! We all have heard it before happiness starts within.  Can you make yourself happy?  Are you happy with yourself? A lot of people can not do that.  They either say my husband or wife makes me happy, my kid make me happy, my job or career  makes me happy. And yes those are all beautiful things to have and cherish but what  happens if those things or people are gone. How would you be able to find your happy?  What I mean by that is, are you internally able to reach inside your soul and feel good just because.   Where you mentally and emotionally feel good and have joy just by being you and no one or thing did that for you but YOU!! Where you can really sit and look in the mirror and say I am Happy!! I am Happy!!     Many people fake happiness and I feel sorry for them because no one should ever fake an emotion that feels amazing.  I've had people tell me they don't know what happiness is and it breaks my heart.  Like really never? I think one person told me they were happy when their mom or dad gave them a toy they wanted as a kid.  Again it took an object to make them happy.  I always ask my child are you happy? and then I proceed to ask why are you happy?  These are questions I want you to ask yourself.      I know your reading and saying to yourself well is she going to say if she is happy or not.  The answer is Yes.  I am happy.  I am happy because I look in the mirror each morning and tell my self I am proud of you. Proud that you can internalize your emotions and you can smile knowing you are doing things that you enjoy, that you feel great doing.  You don't need another  persons approval to do what makes you feel good inside.   If you always depend on others or objects to make you happy, look back on that list you wrote if you wrote it.🤔 I wont scold you if you didn't but please write it.  I hope there is something you wrote that makes you happy, and please do more of it! 

If just taking 5 minute walks brings you joy do that, if telling jokes to friends makes you smile often then do that often, if giving to those in need makes you happy then do that often.  If just sitting at Starbucks drinking coffee and people watching  brings a little smile and pep in your step then please do that!!  If making a playlist of music makes you up beat and happy from great tunes, do that often! If reading the Bloomberg report makes you all warm and fuzzy, then continue to do that! Find the happy You bring to Yourself!!  Again I ask, Are you happy?

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