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He filled my insides

He filled my insides with the unimaginable,

the souls of other women he touched.

Their pain, their agony, and his unsettled, never satisfied emotional state.

To have our bodies engaged and solidify into one, he must fill my insides.

He says, "I'm in you now, you are me."

"What does this mean my love?" a naïve woman questions her lover.

"Shhhh endure my soul."

I take on the souls of many he leaves deposited in my womb.

The angry soul

The quiet soul,

The mischievous soul,

The lazy soul,

The hurt soul,

The bold soul,

So many souls to keep count.

The transfer of energy is real.

He can never leave me, as I can't take on anymore more souls collected by another man.

He filled my insides tonight and every night, as I trap and possess his wild soul from here to eternity forming a new soul.

I am him, he is me.

©Nichole Nichole

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