Hurt. Lost. Confused. Furious. Relieved. Annoyed. Relieved.

After hearing the voicemail from some woman named Samantha, I'm Hurt.

I had to sit and think when did the man have time to romance another woman. So, Lost

I'm so Confused, from all the chocolates and tulips that have been popping up at my job thinking he was romancing me, his wife but then again, I hate chocolate and tulips are definitely not my flowers of choice.

I'm pretty Furious that the man barely knows me. So, spending money and coming to my job for lunches makes me wonder…. but on the other hand, I'm so damn Relieved there is another woman maybe that can be my easy escape from this dead-end marriage.

I'm a little Annoyed but we were not right for each other it was simply lusting now that I think about it. We rushed into getting married after 2 months of dating. We both were rebounding. We made it through 2 years as the ideal couple on the outside but barely talked unless it was during hot sex. The only thing we enjoyed doing together.

I must laugh thou, and ponder, is this what my life has come to? As crazy as this might sound I'm happy and Relieved that my husband has another woman he is entertaining.

When Confronted he asked, "Are you mad"?

Unwilling to conform to society's ways of a woman scorned I replied.... No, So Relieved!

Hurt, Lost, Confused, Furious, Relieved yet Annoyed but SO Relieved!

~Nichole Nichole

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