I stayed in my car

I stayed in my car that day and Saved Myself

You tore me apart mentally, emotionally and physically, I laid in that hospital bed for 3 days and you laid in our bed with Tina for 5 days,

I see her car in our driveway.

I stayed with my cousin that just did a bid, and got his gun He told me, "know what you're doing before you end up dead or on the run".

I loaded it, I cocked it, I opened my car door Ready to fuck up, you and your whore

A spiritual entity came over me, hugged me and told me We got this Your life is too precious to go down that road and end up on snapped Don't worry Tina's husband is on the way and your adulterous, abusing, fraud of a husband is about to pay for his sins and be scrapped

Watch the ten o'clock news As the neighbors say they heard two shots in their interviews...

I stayed in my car that day and Saved Myself!

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