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If you die today

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

If you die today are you happy how your life turned out?? If you must think twice about that statement you need to reevaluate your life and what you are doing with it. Are you truly doing things that make you happy as a person or are you doing things that make everyone else happy. You better wake up and pick up the phone, don't let the answer machine pick up on all your callings and blessings. Or you will indeed miss out.

There are a lot of people today that only live for others, don't get me wrong if that makes you happy do you, but if you are miserable and stuck in a trap, seek help no one needs to go through life like that!! We are on Borrowed Time, and living for others everyday doesn’t seem to be a great option when we can live for ourselves and make daily impacts to better ourselves and those around us. Are you living each day to the highest degree? We all have 24 hours in a day, Make each day count!

If you Die Today

If you die today

Will you be remembered as a castaway?

Is your life more than just a social security number?

Like dead weight, such as useless lumber.

Everyday wake up with a purpose and make an impact

For yourself, for your loved ones and subtract

Any self-doubt or failures,

Check your behaviors.

This borrowed time you are on,

it should move you to reach goals so far beyond.

Just living day to day

And not picking up the blessings that come your way,

is sad to see.

When you sit up, sip your sweet tea, and think if I did die today

Was my life simply a waste of what could be.

Make each day count, before you happen to check out!

So, if you die today, are you happy how your life turned out?

Go Live, take chances, and maybe it will turn out like a Happy, Fun, Memorable family cookout!

if you die today....

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1 komentarz

Maybe doing things which make others happy is the key to being happy yourself. I feel by reading this I'm making you happy and that in turn is making me happy.

However I'm also thinking that death opens doors and of all those who were never granted proper recognition in life but shine in the afterlife. Sometimes discovery takes more than a lifetime and I'm content with that idea.

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