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Do more than turn your head they said

Do more than complain they said

I’m always thinking and watching but never doing

How can I make a difference?

It’s just me, will my contribution even matter?

Get up!

Get out!

Take the calls at the suicide prevention hotline once a month

Walk for the health cause once a year

Donate four times a year

Be the change in the world around you

Pay it forward

Small acts of kindness make a difference

Most importantly, Follow your heart!


Plant a tree,

Teach a craft class at the local nursing home,

Feed others on Sunday with your friends or your church

It starts with one, then two, then a few, then a group

who are in the loop,

I will be that one and make an impact!

Not for notoriety but for what sits on my heart to make that impact in my community!

~ Nichole Nichole

1 Comment

Certainly positive, and your words are making an impact reminding people there are many ways to contribute to the well being of the world.

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