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In a World

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

In a World where love does not exist, a world where likes are important.

In a World where my depth surpasses your depth based on the knowledge I possess. But who’s knowledge is right and who’s knowledge is wrong?

In a World where being hurt does not matter, where having your kids’ lives taken away does not matter.

In a World where you are glorified for racist comments made public.

In a World where you CAN'T express how you really feel without being ridiculed.

In a World where humans are made to believe what was taught to them is absolute truth but what was written is filled with lies and only the truth lays within the mind.

In a World where my skin color is made fun of by those who have the same skin color but of a different hue. Where my makeup and ancestors are Real but watered down.

In a World where one tries to fit in with their peers, but their peers don’t even know if they fit in.

In a World where no one expresses themselves…THE REAL THEM, because following a trend and being the same is accepted way before speaking YOUR truth.


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