It mattered to Me

Updated: May 24, 2019

To him, it meant nothing but to Me it meant a lot…

High school was never easy for me I didn't understand a lot

In fact, most of what I was taught.

I wasn't sure if I had a reading disability, I never spoke up. So, sometimes I got extra help, more than the other kids just too pass my classes on top of getting bullied and barely having friends and then to play a sport too kind of fit in.

This is a lot for a teenager, most adults or parents never fully understand. But to have a person who is my blood, who I came from, down me, belittle me and make me feel less of a person is the worst feeling Ever.

Graduating from high school is big in my eyes but he told me that means nothing, high school is the easiest thing to do. Easy for who? Him? My sister? My cousin? My friends? We are not the same, so WHATEVER!

Each person moves and operates differently, what is easy for you can be a challenge for me. Am I dumb? Am I slow? Who knows but I'm just ME!

Making sure I do my best to finish high school with others I started out with, because on that first day of first grade we were six and we were told we are the Future, we hold the Key!!!

We all changed over the years and did things differently, but we are back to the last days of school, some of us have committed suicide because we wanted to escape the hurt and pain of life, some of us have had babies because we grew up to fast, some of us have dropped out because we wanted another way of life, BUT HERE I AM in a world of competition, instant gratification, laziness, and fixation of watching celebrities or even our classmates carry on with their day to day lifestyles that leads to staying on social media and NOT Focusing on Ourselves.

I feel good about passing my classes, maybe barely but I DID IT!!! So, to tell me graduating from high school means nothing, is your opinion that you should have kept to yourself.

Instead of tearing your child down you should push and elevate them to do the best they can. You only added fuel to my fire, my fire to succeed and be on stage smiling receiving something that's just a piece of paper to you, but a milestone to ME!!

It means nothing to you, but it means something to me, that will add to my life story in the long run.

I DID IT! Now on to the next stage of Life with or without your support because I WON!!

It Mattered to Me!

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