It's a New Day

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Blistering words, blistering pain

I know your love is in vain

I still want it, I still want you.

The abundance of neglect

Even your cousin was suspect

But the aftereffect

When my body was numb and my mind scrambled

I went and gambled on my self-love

I lost by a landslide.

The scars on my heart are from pure rawhide tongue lashings

I’m so terrified what if I lose myself again.

What if my self-worth comes up negative?

No, not again!

My mind, my body, and my soul have made the executive decision

To put a halt on all degrading activity

From self-hate to narcissistic lovers

Who are self-centered tuggers.

It’s a new day!

So, let me lay down the rules.

No more giving me the blues,

No more discrediting my dreams,

No more finding love in twisted extremes,

No more dimming my light,

For a man to feel superior

I will always feel secure with my exterior!

And when my mind outweighs the whine,

I know I’ve done right drawing the boundary line!

It a new day!

~Nichole Nichole

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