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July 2020 Free indie eBooks Summer Sale

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This month there is an indie eBook summer sale at Smashwords and I have made three of my eBooks FREE. My short stories which are one romance and two mystery reads; Circumstances, Lottery Ball and Go-Go Juice. Click on the links below to get your free eBooks and enjoy some short mystery reads to add to your summer reading.

Circumstances - Is it a generational curse or a deranged ex that won’t get over a break up? Tori and Justin try to make the best happy memories together, but people, places and circumstances always disturb their peace.

Lottery Ball - A cheap 7-11 lunch, a Lottery Ball ticket and running into an old coworker seem to change Linda’s slow-paced life in a roundabout way. Although Keith a lady’s man eager to reminisce on the past and make waves for the future, his anxious thoughts consume him as he reconnects with his beautiful friend Linda. Will his past get in the way of wanting to spend time with Linda?

Go-Go Juice - This typical Monday morning turns out to be more delusional for Shawnda as she enjoys her free caramel latte at her favorite neighborhood coffee shop. The atmosphere and customers don’t quite seem to fall into the typical Monday morning coffee shop routine, which leaves her bamboozled.

Happy Reading!! Leave me a review I greatly appreciate it.

~Nichole Nichole

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