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Love Bomb

Like a hand grenade, leaving you shell shocked but you left me Love shocked.

With no intention of loving me, only gassing me up to fit your narcissistic manner.

A warm sensation flows over my heart and body each time a Love Bomb is in my path.

Showering me with Love Bombs, they feel amazing, they sound glorious, they taste delicious,

So high and delightful all smiles.

Your promises are fragments of your imagination of things you’ll never plan on doing, Love Bombs.

Big gifts, fresh flowers, mesmerizing kisses and touches, Love Bombs.

Love bombs are shut up gifts in an appealing big girl baby bottle.

My ego you stroke up like the stock exchange on Monday only to crash on Thursday.

You do me wrong and then drop Love Bombs as a form of keeping me close.

Love bombs, are they short lived or sustainable?

They said it all depends on who is throwing the love bombs

Love equals deep affection

Bomb equals destruction

Love bombs

Show me affection and then destroy me emotionally, what a corrupt act.

In the end, love bombs when they diffuse they leave you dead inside after your heart's been racing from the rush of exhilaration and excitement.

Don’t flatter me with Love Bombs! I would be happier with love squeezes, love pinches, and love taps but don’t send me Love Bombs, please don’t send me Love Bombs….

Send me your Respect, Honesty, Pure Soul and Divine Energy.

Lifelong Peace Bombs!

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