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More issues than tissues

I don't have a job.... teardrop

I don't have a car.... teardrop

I don't have a place to live... two teardrops

I don't have self confidence.... two teardrops

I don't have friends... teardrop

I let a man use me... teardrop

I have two deadbeat baby daddies... teardrop

I fell in love with a married man. He told me he would leave her but he is still with her... teardrop

I got pregnant, he made me get an abortion.. two teardrops

I'm pregnant Again, this time I'm keeping it... teardrop

I told my boyfriend and he is pissed!

I needed a place to live, so now I live with my boyfriend, his wife, their kids, me and my kids and a baby on the way... uncontrollable teardrops

Dang girl I ran out of tissues!!!!


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