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One Parent

Being a child, we want both parents by our side and in our life. Even as a parent you have to admit sometimes it crosses your mind and you think, my child should have both parents in their life. Does having one parent make you less of a person? Of course, it doesn't. Sometimes having both parent’s does not necessarily help or hinder you as an individual. There have been many successful people with only one parent and sometimes no parent, that have thrived and achieved the highest goals a human can conquer and then some. There has been those with both, loving supportive parents in one home, that have not accomplished anything in life but only caused hurt and pain, becoming tyrants. Harsh statement I know, but pure uncut facts, which is reality. I'm no expert but I know having one parent or two parents does not determine how your life will turn out. It can be for the better or for the worst depending on the individual as they grow and evolve.

Either you play the victim role of “I didn't have a mom or dad”, so therefore I am this way, or "my parents didn't care what I did", that's why I do what I do. Those are poor excuses, one uses to end up in places they should have never gone. Or it could be I only had one parent and I pushed harder in life with minimal family support. And of course, the ideal situation everyone wants to say deep down is, "I had both my parents and they supported me through everything and I'm grateful for how they have shaped me into the person I've become". Not everyone can voice that and those that can are fortunate.

Having one parent or two parents is not the deterring factor but how those parents raised you and taught you will determine if they helped or hindered you as an individual. Think about yourself for a moment and how you were raised, with one parent or two parents or no parents and look at you today. Seriously analyze your situation, was it for the best or not? If you have children and are raising them alone step back and feel their energy, mindset and actions you have passed along. If you have a solid family structure where you and the other parent are present, you as well should step back and feel the energy, mindset and actions your child is forming. Let's not beat ourselves up if we only had one parent or if we are one parent elevating a child or children alone. Look at it as a way to Make Change and Empower ourselves and our children to Be Better individuals with a small support system, remember Quality over quantity is what matters at the end of the day!

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