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What I see, what I hear, what I feel could be completely different than what you see, hear and feel. It’s all about perception. What is already formed in your mind from all the experiences you have encountered has shaped your way of thinking. There is a limited amount of individuals in today's world that are nonjudgmental with their perception. Are you one of them?

Seeing a mother walking into a store stealing milk, bread and diapers for her child and then putting the items in the stroller carrying her child. To me, this is a mother that needs help and is struggling, because I came from a place and lived in an environment where people struggle. You may see a thief that should be reprimanded and her child taken away from her, because you've never seen struggle. Our perceptions are different. You and I might be walking down the same street and I see three young black male teens with hoodies and backpacks, simply walking to the local Rec Center to workout. You see three young black male teens walking in the neighborhood and you think they are up to something. Perception.

A picture is flashed of a popular white celebrity mother of 3, married, posing naked and wearing braids.... I see a woman who should carry herself in a different manner. You see a woman stealing black culture...again Perception. What we learn and what is taught to us has a lot to do with the perception and ideas we have formed in our heads. Perception plays a big role in the way we live and operate. For some of us, when we do or say something, we think about what perception we are putting out there to our family, friends and the world. From where we live to the clothes we buy, to the extracurricular activities we partake in. Not only do we have a perception of the world and people around us, we are careful in the perception we put out to the world of ourselves. Perception.

Jumping to conclusions before knowing the facts can be detrimental depending on the situation. Perception can be the cause of a lot of drama, heartache, controversy, and unwanted attention that could be avoided. We see it more and more in our daily media. Having a non-basis, nonjudgmental approach in various areas in life makes one very unique. Bottom line, Perception is tricky, but it all comes down to what is being observed and by whom.

Perception. An understanding, an awareness, an insight from a memory stimulated in your mind that forms the way you interrupt people, places, things and situations. Perception.

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