Pure Warrior Goddess

Drawing by @biggsicc08 via Instagram

Pure Warrior Goddess







Interesting, Intriguing Beauty

Mother of all beings

Knowledge of all things

A woman of many dimensions Mentally and Physically

The Pure but Forbidden Fruit

Warrior Goddess, who stands by her army and leads them to Magnificence

She makes a mark in the world, a product of True Greatness

A Warrior Goddess leads by example

So gracious, always a pure goddess in motion under any circumstance

A Warrior Goddess and a Hero

who Single-handedly conquered an army of 500 alone

She represents the rise of a new order

No one can read her or truly knows her emotional state,

but they do know she protects all and educates many that are willing,

to be a part of Her Tribe of Exceptional Beings!

Her Grace

Her Skill

Her infinite knowledge can lead an army of 10 million

She only leads the most loyal and dedicated!

Heir to a throne of Kings and Queens that leave the legacy for her to Prevail, Sustain and Renovate with Deeper Consciousness and Mastery!

The Pure Warrior Goddess

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