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Secrets and Deception

150 Word Story - a short, dramatic narrative

Frat parties, multiple girlfriends, and college graduation led us to family holidays and family vacations together. Friends since college our bond was forever tight, and it showed. I looked at my son, looked at my best friend Ted, and said, “Man, we have been around you so much this boy is favoring you.” Ted looking uneasy grins, hugs John’s son, and eerily says, “We are more than friends we are family.”

John goes through the mail sitting on his wife’s desk, a letter from the DNA office is tucked away. Confused as to why DNA papers are in the mail. He opens it and reads, Ted Smith is a 99.98% match to Jalen Sutton. John throws the letter, picks up the phone, and calls Ted. “You were screwing my wife!”

“I told you we were more than friends, Jalen has two dads and you will forever be my best friend.”

“You mean enemy!”

©Nichole Nichole

"We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows." –Robert Frost, The Secret Sits

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1 Comment

This is a solid little story which packs a wallop! Congratulations, Nichole.

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