Self-Care it has Seniority

How can I take care of you when I need to take care of myself?

If I’m physically tired how can I get up and get you going to school or to work?

I can’t just be the file clerk I have to be the President of My Self-Care.

If my mind is not equipped or challenged how can I teach you a new lesson in life?

Helping you would be like cutting a steak with a dull butter knife.

If I’m not looking my best how can I help you with your grooming needs?

I must bloom like a fresh flower when I handle my self-care not out of control like dry weeds.

If I’m socially awkward how can I go with you to that birthday party or happy hour?

It takes time to adjust when you are a wallflower.

If I’m emotionally unstable how can I love and care for you when you’re going through a rough patch?

My self-care is a must before I can care for others or guide others, I must indulge in self-care which is priority.

It has seniority!

In a selfish world I must be selfish with my self-care.

I RISE as a human being

I elevate to another level and shed dead skin each time my self-care needs are met.

Feeding my body, my time, my mind and my soul is major.

I cater to those essential elements for my well being daily, my self-nourishment.

Self-Care, it has Seniority!!

"Taking care of ourselves is the key to Life" - Nichole Nichole
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