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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Do you know what a Sisterhood is, the value, the meaning, the dedication. My sisterhood consists of women of all walks of life, different shades, different ages, different sizes no one is the same, We Are Different. A Sisterhood is a Bond, where we care, where we love but don't judge, and thrive to uplift and support each other through the bad and the good! When there is success stories and when there's horror stories, we are there to talk about it. Sometimes in The Sisterhood you can express yourself the way you can't express with no one else. I believe a sisterhood is a safe haven, a place where I can go to my sisters and express what I am feeling and there is no judgment. There shouldn't be a competition in a Sisterhood, there shouldn't be jealousy, there shouldn't be envy. When we work as one and we Empower each other we are magnificent!! We all Excel on different levels, and that is the beauty of the sisterhood. It's just a different vibe and energy when we come together. Sometimes we have sisterhood's that are long distances away, but that doesn't stop the bond and the connection, if you have a real Sisterhood! A Sisterhood supports you and comes together, no mater the time, distance or circumstance. SISTERHOOD!

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