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Spicy Summer Days

Daytime in the summer, that’s spicy

Above all others in the afternoon

Hot bodies deflate like weak balloons

At night they expand and dance like animated cartoons.

Now pungent is just the thing

The smells of a spicy summer day

To get me wondering if the afternoon is blue

Keeps me in a trance like voodoo.

How I mourned the winter season

And loathed the summer season

but understanding the transition from spring

OUCH! A damn bee sting!

The yellow midsummer sings like the next days

Midsummer gets crafty

So happy is the yellow summer

That gets fancy!

I cannot help but stop and

embrace the hottest season,

An artful season,

Summertime, sexy, spicy, and flirty but within reason!

©Nichole Nichole

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