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Spring is approaching, a lovely time of year,

like apple sauce where it can be slightly colder than room temperature or

not too hot but warm and sweet yet still tasty.

Spring brings flowing sundresses,

bouncing hair and simple lip gloss so dainty.

Yellow, mint green and soft pink the color selection for spring attire

Perfect for sitting at the back-yard parties, enjoying a glass of wine by the pit fire.

Arm, leg and gut workouts and fresh new haircuts.

Car washes with added wax,

driving around shining, little kids pointing like, look at that nice Cadillac.

Kool-Aid stands, lemonade stands,

but Jolene adds flare with her watermelon lemonade stand

and fresh baked brownies for .25 cents,

she is making money for the summer ice cream truck expense.

Quick walks to the park, having swing set races,

and who can hang the longest on the jungle gym.

Legs go numb and it feels like you lost a limb.

Kids love blowing bubbles, but stop for jump rope races, and knees scrape when the rope gets tangled and you stumble.

Volleyball fun then softball pitches,

which leaves you with mosquito bites and skin itchin'.

Sexy picnics in the park, white wine, fresh strawberries, summer sausage, Ritz crackers, and cubed cheese.

Laying down, looking up at the sky, dreaming, taking in the light breeze.

Spotting a ladybug crawling up your arm, glad they bring love, protection, and good fortune.

Not like Spiders who also come out in the spring and ohhhh all the screams they bring!

The queen bee makes her appearance,

around the watermelons, she is a big ole interference.

Looking for sweet, she only becomes a distraction.

Try not to get bit and get an allergic reaction.

Although it's nice to see the colorful butterflies appear, since they have been hibernating all winter in a pupa and now they are Free.

More enjoyable to be around and watch than the queen bee.

When the flowers are planted everything looks pretty, kind of like a forbidden city.

Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, primrose, peonies, Jack in the pulpit a wildflower in the spring a good pick for all the goodness it brings.

Naïve, sweet, refreshing and all the lovely sights from earth things.

For the gardeners don't forget the peas,

the tomatoes, the carrots, the spinach, and the radish.

Everything is growing like crazy how to manage.

Spring: A great season for organizing, growth, fun, looking good, getting fit, staying active and being mellow with strawberry margaritas, icey cold green tea mojitos, or liquor filled hurricanes. Even laying in the hammock being peaceful with the Mary Jane making a head crown flower daisy chain.

Spring is approaching, a lovely time of year,

in the Northern and Western hemisphere!


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