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Stitched - A grandma and a grieving child #Shortpoem

His dad taking him to football practices and building up his courage and confidence teaching him how to be a young man is ripped away.

His mom, helping him with homework and telling him he can do whatever he puts his mind to in this world with a gentle touch is ripped away.

His sternness,

his leadership,

her comfort,

and her security is ripped away forever.

Pieces of him as a child are ripped. Who will sew them back together?

Grandma comes and rubs his head and speaks with her words that are fine silk and very durable to piece back his emotional well-being with thoughts of his mom and dad.

Grandma has stitched his memories and his well-being together, covering him with love that was ripped from him as his mom and dad perished.

Mentally and Emotionally Hand Stitched memories and sentiment by Grandma

When all is lost Grandma’s stitching is the best love and support!

Stitched memories of a family that was ripped!

©Nichole Nichole

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