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The Unconditional Love of Frankenstein

When you are thrown away by society but that one person gives you hope!

You are rejected by society, but I love you and I see you!

Your stitched-up body brings fright, but it’s made with a purpose

You were created in love but shunned by many.

A Mad scientist did this to you,

but he wasn’t prepared for what you’ve become

You were a miracle, but turned rotten, then thrown away.

I’m here now to love you and all your flaws.

Let’s not worry about what was

Understand as you move through this world

You are learning how to fight for a place in society

I know it’s hard for your anxiety

Everybody is mean and cruel but chin up my love

Just imagine a quiet safe place that I write of

Where you are NOT disposed of,

But looked at like a gentle lovebug

I’m the family that loves and cares for you

Let me give you a hug instead of a slug.

You’re not hideous, you’re just different

Don’t worry I will start a group for those like you

You will not be disregarded, not on my watch!

I stand by your side because of this love I have for you Frankenstein!

People only know of you through the grapevine

I know all about you because you’re mine

The Unconditional Love of Frankenstein!

©Nichole Nichole

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Very nice.... Just make sure you keep your sewing kit handy. 😜

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