The Power of Genuine Friendship

The Power of Genuine Friendship

Friends, how do we become friends? How do we align?

So well connected and we don't even share the same bloodline.

There is always that sunshine, when either one of us is feeling some type of way and we uplift each other some type of brotherly way.

There is always that unspoken word,

that look, that laugh, that handshake,

We do a double take because

That's the defining moment when the power of friendship is realized.

Friends protect each other.

Like a mama bear protecting her cubs.

Never leaving your friend stuck in a situation.

Helping them through the motions, through the scared times, the rough times,

and that time you put yourself in a bad predicament,

but the power of your friendship looked beyond what could go wrong.

Genuine friendships look out for each other.

Genuine friendships push each other.

Genuine friendships open up.

Genuine friendships push you to face your fears.

Genuine friendships talk you off the ledge when you're not in the right head-space and tell you to GROW UP buttercup!

When they see you depressed and still put in the effort to make you laugh with the power of friendship.

When you fall short in front of everybody and they run up to catch you, like it was done on purpose.

It’s a brotherhood, a comradeship, a kinship with blessed action oil that keeps the friendship engine running smooth.

When that day comes, and you lay on your deathbed and they are the first to arrive to comfort you, Reminiscing when you were twenty-two.

When it's all said and done and the friendship in human form morphs into the afterthought.

Remembering you had a genuine friendship and it was like winning the jackpot!

A friendship that broke the mold and holds your deepest, darkest secrets even after the friendship has expired that's The Power of Genuine Friendship.


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