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The Socialite

You're Social we get it, you're popular we get it!

What are you socializing about? Is it fashion, is it the new diet, is it the immigration laws, is it racial equality, is it your president, what are you being social about?

You mingle with the elite, you eat and drink with the wealthy, you dress to the nines.

Upholding your social status among other socialites wears on you though.

You're tired living the life! Will you slow down or continue the ride of your life?

Other socialites tell you It’s better to be a steak knife than a butter knife! Live your LIFE!!

Dinner at 6

Art exhibit at 8

World premiere at 9

VIP nightclub party at 12

Home at 3 am only to get up and do it all over again.

The Socialite

~Nichole Nichole

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