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Thoughts of you

Thoughts of you

Thoughts of you run rampant in my evening dreams.

Thoughts of you flow in my daytime dreams.

Thoughts of you fill my inner conscious.

Thoughts of you are engulfed in my daily chores.

Pumping gas, I think of you filling me with motivation and energy to power up my success.

Sipping coffee, I think of your hot strong sugar kisses.

Brushing my hair, I think of your fingertips untangling my wet curls.

Drinking water, I think of you as it flows down my throat like your pineapple cream.

Working out, I think of your strong body pushing me beyond my limit.

Writing poetry, I think of your fine hands gliding all over my body with intent to go deeper.

Giving a public speech, I think of the way you make me scream your name loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

Thoughts of you always turn me on and, make me giggle. They go from sweet to erotic it's always satisfying until my thoughts of you turn into reality.

Thoughts of you…

©Nichole Nichole

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1 Comment

and she dazzles us once again with strong heartfelt words which make the conscious mind say "wow" while the subconscious is screaming "magnificently written" loud enough to wake the dead but the conscious mind can only formulate "wow" as its awestruck.😀

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