Valentine's Day Poem 2019

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Can there really be a me and you?

You pull, I push.

I'm not sure if love is in my future but you make sure that's all I see.

No negative, No sadness, Only Love and Support to the highest degree!

Soft kisses on my forehead, calling me gorgeous.

Gentle back rubs, everlasting Love making and back ground music of a sweet vibrant chorus.

I want to Feel Love, I want to Give Love, but I want More Than Love...

I want our souls to connect on a playing field that bounces on radiant energy and vibrates to a 963 Hertz of Orgasmic Love.

So Shocking, the red roses turn pure white and blue violets turn Electric Blue Bright!

This Love is Intense and Electrifying but still Gentle, Sweet and Succulent like Pure Sugarcane.

An Exquisite Love Contained just for us to Maintain!

Valentine's Day 2019

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