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Wake up feeling good

Wake up with Good intentions!! Wake up to be the best you can be!! Wake up to love and feel good about LIFE!! We all want to be Happy, don't we? We wake up each day with a fresh start, and of sound mind, and body but as the day goes on that good start begins to fade. From your kids arguing trying to get ready for school, from your coffee spilling on your clothes, from the fender bender you had on your way to work, from your boss criticizing your work, from your mate not loving you enough. From your friends not supporting you or family members testing you. During the day we lose bits and pieces of ourselves.

We all try to keep ourselves intact and sane throughout the day. Trying to fight off the day to day worries and mundane idiotic redundancy, is hard for some. To stay on that same mind frame when you first wake up, can be a challenge, but can be accomplished. Charles R. Swindoll says it best and we all have seen this quote a million times, "Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it". Ask yourself how do you react when something bad happens to you, especially when your day is going fantastic. Are you someone who goes, "oh hell, well that just ruined my day". Or are you someone who says, "oh hell no, this will not mess up my good day, I'm feeling great and this will not affect me, I will stay on the same vibration of feeling good the rest of the day"!

Always react with a positive mind-frame is my advice. We all have met people who don't let things get to them and they could be doing worst than you, but they always look to the bright side of Life. I Applaud those people. They know how to look beyond the things that are not going right for them at that moment. I'm not saying you can't vent and feel sad or pissed, but take five to ten minutes, get it out your system and MOVE ON. Don't carry the bad things that happened to you, all day.

When you wake up feeling good and joyful, stay in that mind frame ALL DAY NO MATTER WHAT! Easier said than done for some but it is possible. Since Challenges seem to be the wave these days how about we challenge each other to wake up feeling good and staying that way through the good and bad that is thrown at us. If today went array for you, then for tomorrow and the days ahead, Wake up feeling good and stay that way all day long!! EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY! #LiveLife

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