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When your home is your prison

When your home is your prison. When you are told what to eat, what to wear, and how to feel. You are a prisoner mentally and physically. Your home should be your peace, your sanction from the world. A place where you can shut out the negative demons that infiltrate the world. You can't do that when you live in a home where a demon who once was an angel in your eyes controls the home.

Before your home was your prison you were free like a butterfly. Coming and going as you please, free to be you and embracing your flow in life. As time passes your master fooled you, to keep you locked down mentally. So now Its 5:55 and you just walked into your home and, welcomed with a slap to the face and questioned, "Why are you ten minutes late"? You get off work at 5 pm and should be in the house at 5:45 not a minute after! The demon controls your whereabouts and when you come and go. This is being a prisoner in your own home. You can only eat 1200 calories a day, you can only weight this much and if you go over a pound there will be consequences. You can only wear the clothes and shoes the master picks out and you can only wear your hair the way the master likes. You can only contact friends and family members when he is around and can listen to every word spoken. You are a prisoner in your own home.

The only Freedom you have is 8 hours at a job and even then, he calls you every hour to make sure you are at your desk, and then it's back home to prison. When you do get the outside privilege, you go with the master who watches and controls your every movement to make sure you stay in line and follow all the rules as a good prisoner should. There are many prisoners that walk among us, they smile in public but behind closed doors there is a deep rooted sadness, insecurity, and fear. They are statues barely living day in and day out, under the rule of an narcissistic controlling demon that is the master also known as the husband, boyfriend or partner.

When your home is your prison. You must make the fearless choice to leave everything and be free or continue to live as a prisoner in your home NOT having the freedom to be yourself. Being free is worth more than living locked up mentally in a fake miserable life to accommodate others. Because in the grand scheme of things if you flee another prisoner will take your place. As the demon is charismatic, very influential and takes prisoners easily.

When your home is your prison.

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