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Who am I?

I am Nichole Nichole Queen of Peace, Love and Positive Energy.

Mother of lovers and daughter of intrigue food delights.

Creator of Nichole Nichole deals with Reality poetry blog.

Visionary of art and feel good things that bring light and love.

Nurturer to the weak and caretaker to the lost.

Up lifter to the masses who have been broken.

Listener to those who have lost their voice.

Mentor to the young.

Student of Self-love

Number one fan of self-care.

Post trauma relationship survivor.

Seeker of peace and divine energy daily.

Email sender to bring notes of encouragement in a world of hate.

Influencer of better days and great hope.

Provider of shelter and food to 3 young souls.

Free of hate, drama, and stress. Full of Love and Energy!

Who am I? The one and only Nichole Nichole!!

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and I have been and will remain pleased to have met you.

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