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Why is being a Woman so hard but so Beautiful

In a world filled with dominate male genes

I work ten times harder by any means

To make my voice heard and my presence felt,

but those were the cards I was dealt.

When someone is eyeing my boobs

and telling me “stay in a woman's place.”

They shake in their boots when I give them my poker face.

I face any issue head on as a woman

with my fifth degree elevate higher blackbelt

But it seems that's expected of me.

I don’t want to be the damsel in destress but

Sometimes the protection of a man is a good thing,

And being submissive to a man is a sexy thing.

To have a gentle touch, a fresh scent

and to know I can carry a human being for months

and then bring it to life, is a fascinated woman thing.

Being a Woman is Hard but so Beautiful!

Being a woman is something I will never change,

Even if I’m lost in the matrix and become deranged.

~Nichole Nichole

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Its is simply a fabulous piece of writing. 😀

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