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You Left

As the days pass, and weeds grow pass my knees in the front yard of the house we bought together,

I knew you weren't coming back.

You left and promised I would see you again.

You promised and you lied..liar liar pants on fire!!!

You said give you time and space, not vanish without a trace.

Why hurt me and all I wanted to do was be your baby, your peace.

I only hurt you once never bringing up your flaws and I'm the bad guy!!

I apologized a million times. Please tell me why you don't want me, tell me why you left?

It was one bad move it meant nothing and for that, you want to give up on the life we built through the years... Why?

Why did we become the society norm, why did we fall into to the cheating trend, why did we become the failed relationship everyone was rooting for?

One mistake I shared openly to the world, and you still couldn't forgive,

so you Left.....

~Nichole Nichole

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