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You mad at me?

Short poem

You mad at me?

You mad at me for being me! Man please!

You think I switched up and all I did was smart up

I realized you were just messing wit my mind.

That caused me to go Stevie wonder blind to the shenanigans.

Yea we were thick as thieves

But I had to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve

I protected you when I should of protected myself

In the past I was quick to put a wall and protect myself.

But with you, that wall crumbled

And all my insecurities were revealed.

You laughed behind my back.

And then I confronted you and you tried to Attack me,

Belittle me, and Disregard me as the woman

You once loved.

I woke up thou

And you are mad at me!

Man please!

©Nichole Nichole

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