You married me,WHY?!?

You stood up there in the church with God, family, and friends and LIED.

You told me you would love, honor, and cherish such deceit, more like Lie and Break my heart.

We kissed and said I do to the preacher but in reality, I should have said, "I DON'T" and you should have said, "Whatever I'm out".

We had cake with bells and whistles, I should have known right there the relationship would be like real life Bells and Whistles, Loud, Obnoxious and Nerve-Wracking.

We danced to a song I don't even remember, since it was a song and a dance pushing me into my hell of hate, jealousy and abuse from someone who didn't like me but married me!!!

WHY WHY WHY would you throw around fake love and play me like a game of chess where you knew what pawn to move and when to steal my knight.

I was blinded by your sweet tender innocent mind game. I WAS ALL-IN but come to find out I was all out, in a marriage with someone I knew Nothing about.

Really it was a self-made marriage just one-sided, that God had to witness and weep for our souls.... WHY??!!!??

~Nichole Nichole



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