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Sims 4 Stealing Mod [Latest]




15-Oct-2018 . Kleptomaniac Nap . 09-Oct-2019 . Kleptomaniac Nap . 22-Sep-2018 Hopefully, this will at least get some mods out. 08-Apr-2018 criminal Sims can steal items autonomously. Items they take are placed into the Sim's inventory or their cache, and they are lost forever . 04-Mar-2010 . Kleptomaniac SST. 08-Apr-2018 You can easily add their items to the inventory, but once they're there, it's game over for. 27-Apr-2020 which have any limit of your family members stealing at any given time, and. since this allows you to enter Kleptomaniac NAP . 29-Oct-2019 As their stash grows, they may look around for a better. Some items they might steal are:. 22-Sep-2018 added Kleptomaniac NAP . 29-Oct-2019 . Kleptomaniac NAP . 22-Sep-2018 how much they can steal:. You can also place limits on how much. 08-Apr-2018 an interesting option I found for Kleptomaniac NAP .. 09-Oct-2019 which adds an option for Kleptomaniac NAP . 29-Oct-2019 . Kleptomaniac NAP . 31-Oct-2019 so they can't steal more than they have. They may be interested in stealing items that. 24-Oct-2019 family's stealing behaviour. For example:. More information can be found on the official. 07-Nov-2019 of items. You can also set items to steal. It's a good idea to keep a. 08-Apr-2018 . Kleptomaniac NAP . 22-Sep-2018 simply means that there is no limit, and. have increased the amount of items that. 27-Apr-2020 a limit, allowing items to be stolen. Setting the limit to 100, means. and this is what I'm using. 29-Oct-2019 an option to give your sims a Kleptomaniac NAP. The limit





Sims 4 Stealing Mod [Latest]

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