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2nd Fiddle

Journal writing ten years ago

Help me understand why someone would love to be the other woman. In today's society more and more women are accepting to be the other woman like this is the thing to do. I don't know about you but that is bullshit, because I do not want someone's nasty-ass leftovers. I don't care what kind of man he is, I want someone to be into me and ONLY ME not me, Sally, Jane, and Joan.

Being the 2nd fiddle is not all glamorous as females think, the man only calls you when his woman is tripping and you are simply the booty call. He doesn't care about your feelings or you so don't even sit there and cry when he doesn't come comfort you when you have a bad day. You didn't sign up to be loved and comforted you signed up to be a sex partner with no strings attached. Or the lady with the money to fund his habits and hobbies, hell you might even be taking care of his household. But your OK with that!!?? Okay stop, think about it, if you really wanted to be loved and have someone who has feelings for you, you would be in a relationship where you are Number One not number two....get it together 2nd fiddle!!!

~Nichole Nichole

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