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I used to think - Free Verse - "Reflecting on Past and Present: How Our Perspectives Change Over Time"

I used to think older people were exaggerating when they would move slowly.

Now it takes me a good minute to get out of bed.


I used to think going to the store at 9 am on Saturday was too early.

Now I’m checking to see what time stores open so I can be the first one in and out before the slow moving people who make me angry show- up.


I used to think older women had way too many creams in their bathrooms.

Now I’m the lady with all the skin creams in my bathroom.


I used to think being home by 10 pm was too early.

Now I’m rushing to be home in bed by 8 pm


I used to think club/bar hopping was so fun.

Now I’m like one bar, one drink, and I’m headed home.


I used to think, how could people stay together for so many years?

Now I just want to fall in love with the same person every day.


I used to think older people were too boisterous in their comments.

Now I’m quick to say what is on my mind.


I used to think I needed the highest-paying job to live well.

Now I’m like how much savings do I have to quit this job and live a simple frugal life?


I used to think cookouts should last all day.

Now I’m like the event ends at 5 pm let’s start wrapping this up at 4:30 pm.


I used to think the older folks who didn’t do much and just sat on their porch were boring.

Now I’m content with sitting on my porch sipping lemonade and watching people walk by without bothering me!

Oh, how the tables have turned!

©Nichole Nichole

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Could you repeat that, I didn't hear you the first 5 times. 😜 What was your name again?

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