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Family vs. Relatives: Understanding the Dynamics of Love and Connection

Free Verse Poetry

We family We family,

A term used loosely.

Family is there for you.

Family makes sure you’re safe.

Family calls you.

Family checks on you.

Family supports you.

Family sees you.

Family connects with you.

Family will try and understand you.

Family feeds you.

Family protects you.

Family is not just blood.


Relative yes, we know of each other we don’t hang out really, only at the family cookouts.

When someone mentions your name, I say we are relatives.

We are relatives by blood or maybe marriage,

But we are relatives.

That sounds cold. How do you figure?

That sounds honest to me.

I still have love for you and will be there for you as family if you need me.

But will you be there for me as family or just as a distant relative?

Thinking we cool cause your mama married my daddy.

We are just relatives.

Family vs Relative, know your place!

One Love

 ©Nichole Nichole

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Is it all not relative? 😛

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