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Earthy Tones

Earthy tones, grinding bones

the perfect mixture

art had never been a permanent fixture

still, it held some allure

she thought blue had never looked so good

the blue in his tie, the blue in his eye

but the earth tones

had her mesmerized.

Although his frame was that of thick stature

body flaws walking on metal

only those fighting to stay alive can appreciate

what he endures

the looks, the stares, the curious glares

makes his canvas one of a kind

morphed into a manmade icon.

Truth be told, he is so bold

to ride, slide, walk on land, and never be banned

from a dull world whose eyes see a loss

her eyes see mystery and painted stokes of conquest

the earthy tones bring divine movement on mother earth

the ability to stand tall above it all

the perfect mixture!

The Art of a Sustainable Man

©Nichole Nichole


Now you done went left me almost speechless. Amazing.

Nichole Nichole
Nichole Nichole
Dec 10, 2021
Replying to

🤗💪 You speechless? No way. Thank you friend!

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